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S2ME is a simple evaluation of your information security habits using statistical measurements of risk. Once the evaluation is completed, you are given an overall score, scores by category, demographic comparison, and maybe most importantly recommendations for improvement. Personalized recommendations to protect you against identity theft, getting hacked or exposing your sensitive personal information. There are three primary areas an individual or a family should consider regarding information security.
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Having the ability to access your financial data from almost anywhere at any time, poses a data risk. If you can get your information, so can a hacker.


Your personal information is collected by almost everyone you’ve done business with. Protect your information.

Online Safety

People of all ages are stalked, preyed upon, and bullied using online technology. Proper care must be taken.

Comprehensive security assessment

Covering ten key areas of information security for personal life.

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Reveals your vulnerabilities to help you prioritize and stay secure.

Security roadmap

Tailored recommendations to help you focus your efforts.

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S2Me is a great resource. As a security professional I am always assessing business networks and operations and S2Me gave me the right frame of reference to really assess myself and the things I could put in place for my family, especially when it comes to household incident response. In my house I am the go to for anything IT but what if something happened to me? My wife would be left without knowing where things were or access to accounts/passwords. So we took this opportunity to put in place some household SOPs.
Branden Wagner, IT Security Manager, Kitware Inc.

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