Frequently Asked Questions

What is S2ME?

Technology doesn’t pose the most significant risk to you or your family, it’s the use of technology that does. As the world becomes more connected, with new technologies introduced every day, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure safety in our homes.

This is why we developed S2Me!

S2Me is a simple tool you can use for free (always) to assess your cybersecurity and safety habits and use what you learn to better protect what matters to us the most. Simple; assess, consider recommendations, make changes, and manage your progress.

Keeping things simple is the key because complexity is our worst enemy.

Why is S2ME Free?

We made S2ME free for everyone because we want to help everyone, and we don’t want cost to be a concern. S2ME is free to consumers and will always be free to consumers.

How does SecurityStudio make money if S2ME is free?

There are two ways

1. SecurityStudio develops additional information security tools, which are licensed/sold to organizations. Organizations pay a fee to use the tools (S2Org, S2Vendor, S2School, and S2Team) which makes it possible to provide S2ME for free. The other tools are independent of S2Me.

2. After the first release of S2ME, consumers asked us for advice about specific products that might fit with the recommendations we made. We made a change to S2ME to include vetted products, and the product manufacturers pay SecurityStudio a fee to be included in the tool.

Although SecurityStudio needs to make money to operate, making money is not our primary focus. Our primary focus is helping people by simplifying the basics. This is where our #MissionBeforeMoney hashtag came from.

What is the future of S2ME?

We have big plans for S2ME.

First, we will continue our development of the tool based on feedback we receive from consumers. The next version of S2ME is already in development, including the introduction of “Security Sam”, a guided interactive experience, safety monitoring, and consumer categorization.

Second, we’re working with well-known non-profit organizations like the Cybercrime Support Network and others to co-develop and co-market S2ME.

Third, we’re working with multiple state and local government agencies to make S2ME more widely known and available to all.

Can I share S2ME with other family members and friends?

Yes, absolutely! The more people we can help, the better off our community becomes. Send them to and make sure they know it’s completely free.
NOTE: If you received a link from your employer (or elsewhere) as a benefit with a link that starts with, this link has been customized for use with your employer (or elsewhere). Don’t share your link, share the link instead.

Who sees my S2ME information and results?

Nobody else sees your information or results but you.

Unless, of course, you share it with someone else yourself. Within S2ME, we provide a simple way to share your results on Facebook and/or LinkedIn. Click the “Share” link.
Example of sharing on Facebook:

Does SecurityStudio share my information with anyone else?

The short answer is “no”. The longer answer is found in SecurityStudio’s online Privacy Policy located at the bottom of the S2ME signup and login page.

Can I compare my S2ME results with others?

Yes, certainly. We ask you some demographic information during registration and we use this information for comparisons we think people find useful.
Any other comparisons can be done directly between you and a friend (outside of the tool). If you’d like to see additional or different comparisons in the tool, let us know!

Do I have to answer the demographic questions?

No. Every demographic question is completely optional. You can skip any demographic question you’d like or skip all of them.

If you change your mind, you can always update the demographic information in your profile.
Your profile can be found by clicking the icon in the top left, then clicking “My Profile” from the dropdown menu.

How can I give feedback about the S2ME?

If you received your introduction to S2ME from an employer (or elsewhere) as a benefit, some feedback would be best directed to them.

Feedback to SecurityStudio is also welcomed! Please send this feedback to

Where can I get answers to additional questions?

The same place where you send feedback (see above).

If you received your introduction to S2ME from an employer (or elsewhere) as a benefit, some questions would be best directed to them.

Questions for SecurityStudio are also welcomed! Please send these questions to

What do I do if I don’t understand a question, phrase, or word in S2ME?

The same place where you send feedback or questions (see above).

If you received your introduction to S2ME from an employer (or elsewhere) as a benefit, some questions would be best directed to them.

Questions for SecurityStudio are also welcomed! Please send these questions to

We are all in this together and we’re always here to help!

What is the S2SCORE?

The S2Score is a simple representation of your information security/safety risk.
For more information, including a little more technical detail, you can see here:

Should I follow all the recommendations from the S2ME?

In a vast majority of cases, the answer is “no”. Some of the recommendations won’t suit the way you choose to use technology, and it’s OK to accept some risk. What’s not OK is to not know the risk.

Consider all the recommendations, then make your own choice about what you want/need to do.

My company has given me the S2ME as a benefit, will they see my results?

No. Your company sees anonymized results and trends only. They usually use this information to provide better training to you, or maybe even arrange for group purchasing of certain tools to help their employees.

We don’t want your company to see your results because S2ME is your tool. We want you to be confident that you can be open an honest without fear of any judgement or repercussions.

Who else is using the S2ME?

Today, there are thousands of people from all parts of the world who use S2ME, and the numbers are growing quickly! S2ME is quickly becoming the standard tool to help people from all walks.
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