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The goal is simple:

We’re driven to help people
With every breach, someone suffers
Information security is a broken industry – and someone always pays the price when things go wrong. The goal is not to eliminate risk, because this is not possible.The goal is to understand the risk, manage it, and limit its effect on people.
Establishing a common language
То help people become more secure, we first need to get everyone speaking the same language with S2ME. Then use this common language to help people improve their ability to communicate about information security.
Raising the collective information security IQ
As people begin to speak the same language we can help educate and improve their information security knowledge. The educational approach to behavior improvement is central to our core belief of helping people.
"Nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft; 2018 marked the first time that Social Security Numbers were stolen more than credit cards."
– Mike Jones, Chief Information Officer

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