Your security is a single number

Your S2ME score is a single number that tells exactly how your information security stacks up.
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Assessment score

After completing the S2ME assessment, you’ll instantly receive a personalized security score between 0 and 850. Scores typically fall in the 500s when people first begin, but can quickly climb after implementing a few of our recommendations.

Simple yet, comprehensive

Packed into a single security score is information about a person’s device, internet, and security habits. Our multi-dimensional assessment is the most comprehensive analysis of a person’s information security behaviors.

See how you stack up

Every S2ME score remains anonymous, forever, for everyone except yourself. By aggregating the anonymous score we show you how you stack up against others.

Targeted improvement areas

Each security score is individually tailored and provides targeted recommendations to mitigate your risk. You’ll be empowered with specific steps needed to make our insights actionable.


Stolen by cybercriminals worldwide on an annual basis, and rising


Ransomware attacks occur every 14 seconds on average


Security breaches have increased by 67% over the past 5 years

Personal Information Security Scores by Category

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